Friday, 30 April 2010


Day Nineteen: Today is my grandmother's 71st birthday...Happy birthday, Nannie! I love youuu! :D But first things first. It is Sunday, so we had CHURCH! Yayyy! Den, Mary, Lee, Kathy and Sean were all in Sunny Valley. Our church is officially "mothering" a church down there. Neat-o!

But I was here in Roseburg. Worship was great this morning! :D And I was supposed to sing a special..., but I "forgot" my music at home, just to realize I had a copy in my car all along. :/

I taught children's church today with my wonderful assistant, Patty. Boy, those kids were so crazy, we did not even get to the actual game!

After church, my mother and I went to lunch with my grandma for her birthday. The three of us went to Si, Casa Flores, and yes, they sang to her and made her wear the sombrero. :)

It was excellent.

Post-lunch, we drove out to Amacher park to take pictures. You know those ladies. They love to take pictures. :b

Unfortunately, my mother thought it would be excellent to walk out on the train tracks over the river. This was not so. For those of you unaware, I have a deep irrational fear of heights.

"Claire Huxtable!"

I was terribly frightened, but I fought through it (sort of) to take some photographs and have some photographs taken of me (barf!). And of course, we walked around the park and river itself to get some more photographs. Near the end of our trek, we were over on the boat-dock-ramp, whatever, so I decided to go in.

It was awfully cold. However, it produced this shot. It was taken by my mother and edited a little by me.

Then I made my mother go in. Bahahaha...You will have to go to to see those...

I think my favorite shot that I took that day was this one here...I have not edited it yet, but I may just do a little of that.

After this adventure, we drove up to Saving Grace Animal Shelter JUST to look. :)

I sure do love them puppies and kitties! Hahahaa

But then we had to cut it a little short, because I had to get home, so I could type up the powerpoint for worship that evening.

Worship went well, I believe. And our GLOWstudy was fun, as usual. We did it around the fiyyuuuhhh again! They had s'mores. They looked wonderful. :) Scott put me on hose duty to put out the fiyyuuuhhh! Well...the coals...and well...turning on the hose...

Then we went for our Shari's date! :D

Sounds to me like yet another wonderful end to a wonderful day!

Here's hoping...

"[Love] bears all things, hopes all things, believes all things, endures all things. Love never fails.
1 Corinthians 13:7-8a

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