Tuesday, 20 April 2010


Day Eleven: So Saturday...Saturday was awesome. Rewind to Thursday- Shari's of Roseburg began a scavenger hunt for a "Golden Ticket" via their facebook page. They updated their status with clues as to where this "Golden Ticket" could be found. Thursday and Friday, I got the first three clues, and with the help of Scott, we deciphered that it was hidden somewhere in Roseburg on the East side of the river. Saturday morning sometime between seven and eight, they sent out another clue. This clue said:

"Clue #4 - You'd be barking mad to avoid this place.
There's fun for your best friend inside this space.
So hurry up, and don't be late.
When you find the spot, look outside the gate."

Somehow, I instantly knew it was the dog park. Maybe it had something to do with the "barking" comment...

I shot out of bed, no time for showers, changing or brushing my teeth. I barely explained the situation to my mother, and I was out of the door and driving to the dog park. I arrived and began looking, fearing someone had beat me there. Finally, velcro'd to the top of the inside of the rule board, I see it. You have no idea how pumped up I was. However, it took me a few minutes to get it, because I am so darn short. :/
And of course! Tbis is where my picture comes from. Yes, that is my knee it is resting upon, so it is indeed a photograph of me. This is my Shari's "Guest Appreciation" mug I won, along with a bag of coffee and $40 in gift certificates. It would have been $30, but they were out of hats. :b

Anyhow, the rest of my day was something like this:
  • Out to Scott's to help him with his water pump deal
  • In to town to redeem our ticket :)
  • To the church to clean up
  • Worship practice with my Mother leading
  • Out to Pete and Sheri's to hang out :)

It was a wonderful, fun-filled evening at Pete and Sheri's. :)

The smaller of the two Scotts was there, along with the cousins, Noah and Amber. There was a lot of Guitar Hero and stuff. It was a delightful end to an excellent day. :)

Here's hoping...

"[Love] bears all things, hopes all things, believes all things, endures all things. Love never fails.

1 Corinthians 13:7-8a


  1. What'd you do with the coffee?

  2. I gave it to Scott, since I obviously would not drink it.