Monday, 3 May 2010


Day Twenty: Wow, so...okay. Here is my latest fail: I procrastinate so long that I get so behind...that I do not remember what I did that day! Mondays are usually pretty simple for me though. I work in the house, look for a job, do homework (do not have much), work on KE or KC or something church-related until about five when I drive out to Sutherlin to hang out with my Scott. :)

I cannot believe I am a whole WEEK behind in this. Luckily, however, I do have pictures!

So that is the one thing I know for sure about this day. I started cleaning out some more stuff of mine, because today I emptied out my converse collection. :/

I had exactly twenty pairs ("day twenty"!), and I have twelve here in the box, which confuses me, because I did not think I was keeping eight pairs... I may have to do a recount. :/

Anyhow, my sweet sister Mikenna is eleven years old now, and I noticed her wearing a nice pair of high tops, so I asked her what size she wore.

My eleven year old step-sister. She is BARELY shorter than me, weighs just about as much as me, and wears the same size shoe as me. Actually, she said she wears 8.5, but she said she wears her shoes a little big. Crazy!

So she inherits my amazing collection:

Here's hoping...

"[Love] bears all things, hopes all things, believes all things, endures all things. Love never fails.
1 Corinthians 13 : 7-8a

Friday, 30 April 2010


Day Nineteen: Today is my grandmother's 71st birthday...Happy birthday, Nannie! I love youuu! :D But first things first. It is Sunday, so we had CHURCH! Yayyy! Den, Mary, Lee, Kathy and Sean were all in Sunny Valley. Our church is officially "mothering" a church down there. Neat-o!

But I was here in Roseburg. Worship was great this morning! :D And I was supposed to sing a special..., but I "forgot" my music at home, just to realize I had a copy in my car all along. :/

I taught children's church today with my wonderful assistant, Patty. Boy, those kids were so crazy, we did not even get to the actual game!

After church, my mother and I went to lunch with my grandma for her birthday. The three of us went to Si, Casa Flores, and yes, they sang to her and made her wear the sombrero. :)

It was excellent.

Post-lunch, we drove out to Amacher park to take pictures. You know those ladies. They love to take pictures. :b

Unfortunately, my mother thought it would be excellent to walk out on the train tracks over the river. This was not so. For those of you unaware, I have a deep irrational fear of heights.

"Claire Huxtable!"

I was terribly frightened, but I fought through it (sort of) to take some photographs and have some photographs taken of me (barf!). And of course, we walked around the park and river itself to get some more photographs. Near the end of our trek, we were over on the boat-dock-ramp, whatever, so I decided to go in.

It was awfully cold. However, it produced this shot. It was taken by my mother and edited a little by me.

Then I made my mother go in. Bahahaha...You will have to go to to see those...

I think my favorite shot that I took that day was this one here...I have not edited it yet, but I may just do a little of that.

After this adventure, we drove up to Saving Grace Animal Shelter JUST to look. :)

I sure do love them puppies and kitties! Hahahaa

But then we had to cut it a little short, because I had to get home, so I could type up the powerpoint for worship that evening.

Worship went well, I believe. And our GLOWstudy was fun, as usual. We did it around the fiyyuuuhhh again! They had s'mores. They looked wonderful. :) Scott put me on hose duty to put out the fiyyuuuhhh! Well...the coals...and well...turning on the hose...

Then we went for our Shari's date! :D

Sounds to me like yet another wonderful end to a wonderful day!

Here's hoping...

"[Love] bears all things, hopes all things, believes all things, endures all things. Love never fails.
1 Corinthians 13:7-8a

Thursday, 29 April 2010


Day Eighteen: This day was fantastic! :)

It started off horribly though. I missed my alarm, so I woke up late, :/ but it turned out fine. I drove out to Sutherlin to meet Scott, and we drove up to the ranch where I "helped" him grade the road! And by "help" I mean I sat next to him and took pictures. :) It should have been boring and monotonous, or so I am told, but I had a lot of fun!

After this, we shot guuuuuuuuuuuuuuunnnnsss! It was a blast (no pun intended)! I shot, I think, seven different guns! I shot a rifle for the first time, and they said I did really well!

This picture was Scott helping me to shoot his SKS (, right?!). It is my new favorite picture... :)

After shooting guns, guns, guns, Scott and I headed back to his house, so he could change, then off to worship practice!

After worship practice, Scott and I had a wonderful dinner at Red Robin. Then he drove us back to Sutherlin, since we had driven my car into town. Another great end to another great day! Yay life!

Also...many great pictures were taken this day, so if you are interested, jet on over to my facebook. :)
But I will also be putting them up on my flickr ASAP, so go ahead to :D

P.S. Sorry I am so behind... :b

Here's hoping...

"[Love] bears all things, hopes all things, believes all things, endures all things. Love never fails.
1 Corinthians 13: 7-8a

Wednesday, 28 April 2010


Day Seventeen: Yay! Today was National JellyBean Day! So of course, Sean and I drove out to UCC to grab a FREE bag of Jelly Bellies...the only good Jelly Beans...! And then we went to Dairy Queen, where he snapped this photoshot of me. However, this photograph is false, because I was not craving the candy; I was craving the wonderful mixture of caramel and brownies, mmmm!

Also I snapped THIS delicious picture of some young man...

Just kidding. He sure is classy though. He even put his shirt ON before coming into Dairy Queen. No shoes, no shirt, no service!

After departing from Dairy Queen, there was a little drive and pictures of COWS! We drove by that mexican place, because I wanted to honk at Toby, but alas, he was not working...Sean wanted me to trespass, but I refused! Farmers are SMART and own GUNS!



Oh, so when I dropped Sean back off at his family business...I met the father and grandfather. It was nice. Also got a sweet tour of the saw blade sharpening business. Scary machines I should stay away from if I want to keep all ten fingers...

So then I left, and Scott picked me up for Family Game Night down at the church. :)

I chased kids.

When there were no kids to chase, we left, and we drove out to his house where we met Bryceeeee, and the three of us watched some television, and the two of us ate some creamy ice...

Wow, I just realized I had ice cream twice that day.

For shame, for shame...

Anyhow, since it was Jelly Bean Day after all, I will give to you this picture as well...

Here's hoping...

"[Love] bears all things, hopes all things, believes all things, endures all things. Love never fails.
1 Corinthians 13:7-8a

Tuesday, 27 April 2010


Day Sixteen: Today was Earth Day. :) I am not a major liberal I used to kind of be..., but I still believe in taking care of our planet. It really is beautiful. Why do you think I love Oregon so much? But anyhow, I wore my "Recycle Power" shirt. I like white. And even though I do not really "celebrate" Earth Day with Recycle parties or not using electronics, I always seem to find a way to enjoy the earth. This day, I happened to get a nice parking spot at UCC in front of the hill that overlooks the road..., and I had the urge to roll down it. So I did. Then Sean broke his leg...

Not really, but he hurt it as he was tumbling towards the edge of the cliff...Anywho, he got a nice shot of me rolling. It was lovely.

During class, however, he caught sight of my drinking bottle, and he tweeted (how dare he) that I should not be allowed to drink from a bottle that is bigger than my arms...combined.

So we took a picture to prove this true or false.

Turns out it was pretty true... :/

Oh well...I like water, what can I say?

Also, while he was capturing the rolling pictures, Sean snapped this last sweet picture. So props to him for a good shot! I hardly even touched it with editing!

After class, I killed a little time till six thirty, when I headed over to Hucrest Elementary (my old school :) ) for Mikenna's choir concert! I am so proud of my sister. :) Their theme was "Education Rocks!", and they were al decked out like little rock stars. It was awesome! They even had this boy do the robot. Hilarious.

After the concert, I drove back over to my side of town, but in the direction of Den and Mary's casa. Because I was in a sassy, little Earth Day mood, I decided to drive further down S******* (I would not want anyone stalking them!) Rd to see what was there. It was beautiful, and I like cows. Captured some good shots, but unfortunately, I did not have my good camera on me, so they were not as good as I would have liked them to be. :b

Then I headed back in the direction of D&M's to get the props check. Whoooo mon-ayyy!
I stayed and visited with them for a while. :) I had a good time.

I left around nine thirty, and I met the ever-patient Scott over at Shari's! Our beloved Shari's, hahaha. But we left, so they could easily clean the carpets, and so we could go to Walmart, where we found Irony. Another wonderful end to a wonderful day. :)

Friday, 23 April 2010


Day Fifteen: Today was TWLOHA Day. So I did.
TWLOHA stands for "To Write Love On Her Arms". TWLOHA is a non-profit organization which aims to present hope for people struggling with self-injury, suicide, depression and addiction. "Love is the movement."
"Rescue is possible."

And a quote from the story that started it all...
"We become her hospital and the possibility of healing fills our living room with life. It is unspoken and there are only a few of us, but we will be her church, the body of Christ coming alive to meet her needs, to write love on her arms."
Amen! How awesome is that!
For more information, PLEASE, go visit :)

So more about my day...I had lunch with Zackee and James. They are great friends, and I love them dearly. :) I had piano with Lea, then I stopped by Fred Meyer, then I went out to Scott's. We rented a couple movies and got Taco Bell for him. We had a lovely evening filled with plenty of laughter, as usual. :)


Completely irrelevant. My deepest apologies.

Here's hoping...

(I put this every time, but it seems so appropriate for today...)
"[Love] bears all things, hopes all things, believes all things, endures all things. Love never fails.
1 Corinthians 13:7-8a

Wednesday, 21 April 2010


Day Fourteen: Wow, so I thought I had more time, but when I looked down at the clock, it said 11:58 PM (does anyone know how to change the clock on your laptop to 24 hr time?), so I jumped from the couch, dove for my camera and I did not know what to do. How do you express an entire day in one photograph, taken under pressure (under pressure!), in the last moments of the day? I could not figure it out in those few seconds, here is a random picture of my elbow.
I hope you enjoy it...I think it beautifully captures the wonder and joy that is the elbow. The sweater is lovely too. I had to leave the sweater on; we cannot have elbow nudity on THIS blog!

Anyhow, my day was filled with...with...well Aryan pride*! Today is mein Fuhrer's (may he rest in peace) Geburtstag! I did also pick out an acting scene today. Hahahahah, as I was driving down the freeway, knowing I would be late to class, I look over, and Mister Sean Brown is coming on to the freeway from Garden Valley. Hilarious. Of course though, he drives slow, and I drive fast, so I beat him. I did! (You win. You always win.) I was all worried about being late and that stupid monologue and guess what?! Dean was not we picked out a scene...

Did stuff.

Spent the evening with Scott and Scott.

FAIL'd, but made an important realization. Now I am duper tired, as usual. :/ Tomorrow should be nice though.

Here's hoping...
"[Love] bears all things, hopes all things, believes all things, endures all things. Love never fails.
1 Corinthians 13:7-8a

*I know you all may be disturbed by the seemingly racist comments and my pride in the Master Race, but I assure you, it is all in good humour. I like black people. They are funny. They are cool. That Snoop Dawg and Will Smith and Oba...ohh...well...not so much.

But really, all in good humour...after all, one of my best friends is jewish. Just because I am aryan, was born in Germany and recite Mein Kampf in its original german does NOT make me a Nazi!