Tuesday, 27 April 2010


Day Sixteen: Today was Earth Day. :) I am not a major liberal hippie...like I used to kind of be..., but I still believe in taking care of our planet. It really is beautiful. Why do you think I love Oregon so much? But anyhow, I wore my "Recycle Power" shirt. I like white. And even though I do not really "celebrate" Earth Day with Recycle parties or not using electronics, I always seem to find a way to enjoy the earth. This day, I happened to get a nice parking spot at UCC in front of the hill that overlooks the road..., and I had the urge to roll down it. So I did. Then Sean broke his leg...

Not really, but he hurt it as he was tumbling towards the edge of the cliff...Anywho, he got a nice shot of me rolling. It was lovely.

During class, however, he caught sight of my drinking bottle, and he tweeted (how dare he) that I should not be allowed to drink from a bottle that is bigger than my arms...combined.

So we took a picture to prove this true or false.

Turns out it was pretty true... :/

Oh well...I like water, what can I say?

Also, while he was capturing the rolling pictures, Sean snapped this last sweet picture. So props to him for a good shot! I hardly even touched it with editing!

After class, I killed a little time till six thirty, when I headed over to Hucrest Elementary (my old school :) ) for Mikenna's choir concert! I am so proud of my sister. :) Their theme was "Education Rocks!", and they were al decked out like little rock stars. It was awesome! They even had this boy do the robot. Hilarious.

After the concert, I drove back over to my side of town, but in the direction of Den and Mary's casa. Because I was in a sassy, little Earth Day mood, I decided to drive further down S******* (I would not want anyone stalking them!) Rd to see what was there. It was beautiful, and I like cows. Captured some good shots, but unfortunately, I did not have my good camera on me, so they were not as good as I would have liked them to be. :b

Then I headed back in the direction of D&M's to get the props check. Whoooo mon-ayyy!
I stayed and visited with them for a while. :) I had a good time.

I left around nine thirty, and I met the ever-patient Scott over at Shari's! Our beloved Shari's, hahaha. But we left, so they could easily clean the carpets, and so we could go to Walmart, where we found Irony. Another wonderful end to a wonderful day. :)


  1. Thank you for finally mentioning a "Roseburg" thing to keep my cred up. Parking spots. People are going to think me a liar.
    What's with the lack of Sonic and Dr. Pepper?
    Anyway. . .
    ". . .they were al decked out. . ."

  2. Blast! I hate typos with a fiery passion!

  3. I wasn't going to post another comment, but the "word verification" word is "phooker." What? So many ways for me to take that. Phooker. Haha. I'm gonna type that in, so blogger knows I'm not a bot. :D

  4. Hahahahahaha, awesome!
    I was not going to comment again either, butI realized I forgot to add my little foot note. :(